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If you have a special piece of clothing or cloth from a loved one, pet, grandpas old shop apron or your child's first onesie that you want us to make into micarta so you can always have it on you in the form of knife scales this is the option for you!


We only open up a few slots for this option per month because it takes A LOT of time and effort. It's recommended that the material you send in is 100% cotton or other organic made fabric. We can make MY-Carta from other materials but cotton gives the best outcome.


The piece of clothing needs to be big enough so we can cut out at least (8 to 10) 4x6 pieces from it without using the seams or pockets. 


There are NO guarantees when making micarta. There is a slight chance the special piece of clothing you sent in failed the curing process or during machining leaving you with NO scales and a pile of cut up fabric. If this happens you will be fully refunded and we will send you the cut up pieces back. This is rare but things happen that we can't control. 


You can expect up to a 4 week lead time. I work very fast and efficiently so your orders should go out around earlier but there are no guarantees on that time frame because making micarta is no easy task.. 


The color of your scales depends on what material you send in.


If you have any questions, message us here or on social media.


MY-Carta Memories for Knives that Require 2 Scales

  • By purchasing this service you agree we are allowed to cut up your sent items in the hopes to make micarta scales from them, with no guarantees it will work. 

  • After Purchase, you will receive an automated email with our shipping address. If you don't receive it please message us.

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