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The Butt on the airgun Umarex Notos is soo bulky it prevents your cheek from getting closer in and low enough to see down your scope or optic without really high scope or optic rings / mounts. Well I fixed that! This 3d printed replacement airgun butt is very strong, lighter weight (by a decent amount), keeps overall length shorter so it's more compact and fixed stocks help you ensure accuracy, as you’re dealing with the same-sized tool every time you pull the trigger. Plus it's looks sooooo much better!


You are just receiving the 3d printed airgun Butt that you slide on your Umarex tube. You are NOT receiving the Umarex Notos! This Butt only fits the airgun Umarex Notos because they use a different size tube.


You use the one screw off of the Umarex stock Butt to install this new one.


Install video

Umarex Notos Replacement ButtStock (Extended Model)

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